Call For Artists "Small Wonders" Exhibition

Call To Artists: "Small Wonders"
This is a show celebrating contemporary art forms that are under 10 Inches in any direction.
If you have any questions, please email or phone 606-634-4981.
The opening reception will be on December 10th, 2010 at The Underground Gallery at 229
(229 East Main Street, Whitesburg, KY 41858)
from 4pm till 9pm in conjunction with Whitesburg's Quarterly Artwalk.
1. This form and submission fee are due by December 3rd. Submission fee is $20 for up to 5 pieces.
Include check or money order with works shipped to the gallery.
2. Artists must include postage in thier package for return shipment of works not sold.
3. Each piece submitted must not exceed Ten Inches in any direction. (a sculpture must not exceed 10 lbs. or 10 inches)
4. Artwork(s) for this exhibit are due at The Underground Gallery at 229 no later than December 3rd.
By submitting this form you agree to all the following reasonable things:
1. Artist will arrange for all artwork to be received at The Underground Gallery at 229 by any given due dates or
the artist risks not being in the show.
Early submissions may be hung in the gallery prior to the shows opening so early submissions are encouraged.
2. All artwork should arrive framed or "ready to hang" or display or risk not being included in the show.
We use a a chain-and-hook hanging system.
3. Artwork will remain at The Underground Gallery at 229 for the duration of the show dates.
December 10th to January 8th.
4. The Underground Gallery at 229 will handle all sales through its POS (point of sale) System
and pay artists 80% of sales price.
5. The Underground Gallery at 229 can not insure artwork or the cost of materials.
We suggest carrying individual insurance, particularly for higher priced artwork.
6. The artist warrants that he/she created the works of art and possesses the title to the work(s) submitted.
7. Artists set the prices for their work and The Underground Gallery at 229 will sell the work for the retail price
8. Artists will be paid 80% of price specified for sales at the close of the exhibit.
9. Please label the back/bottom of artwork with your name, title & price.
10. All submitted work Must Be For Sale.
11. Mail Art to arrive by Dec. 3rd. Ship to:
Underground Gallery at 229
229 East Main Street
Whitesburg, KY 41858

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